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2012 Coastal Region AOY Big Boat Division

Ken Allerton

Born and raised in Hollister, Ca.

Started fishing when I was 2 years old.

My parents Chris and Al, along with my grandparents, started taking me fishing.

I enjoy fishing for all species, both saltwater and freshwater

Started fishing tournaments in 2006

I fished the Won Bass Series as an Am from 2007 to 2009, then Anglers Choice in 2010

I fished other tournaments with Jason as well, such as the Snagproof in ’08 and ’09, and the

Berkley Big Bass in 2010, where I cashed 2 of the time slot checks.

Rod- Dobyns   Reels- pflueger   Line-P-line, Berkley Vanish

Favorite techniques- power fishing, frogs and flipping, and for finesse  shakey heads a flick shake rigs.  for reaction fishing my favorite is a ripbait

I volunteer with Jason  for CAST for Kids events and this year with the Proteen at the Delta.

Favorite Lake-  Clear lake-  Its where I caught my first bass, and I went camping there with my family a lot when I was very young.

Career Highlights-

2007  Clear Lake Open Champion -  Am side, WON Bass Pro-Am

2007  WON Bass AAA Northern Angler of the Year

2007  WON Bass Pro-Am Western Classic qualifier -  4th place finish

2010  BBT Team AOY title with Jason

2010  BBT 1rst place in Big Boat at Lake Nacimiento