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Central Region - McClure - Feb 9, 2013

Tournament Director
Kevin Cheek
31637 Delaware Rd
Coarsegold, CA 93614
(559) 977-8420
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 Cold, Cold, COLD was the weather for the second Central Valley Tournament of the Best Bass Tournament Circuit.  The tournament was held at Lake McClure and the weather was 27 degrees when the boats started to pull into the parking lot on Saturday morning February 9, 2013.  It was apparent that the weather didn't affect the attitude of the anglers because they came in great numbers .  Fifty four  boats showed up for this tournament and what a great showing  for the Central Valley. With the canopy's up, coffee made and goodies set out on the tables the anglers came in one by one to sign up for the event and to share their enthusiasm for the day ahead of them.  The day had all the ingredients needed to make a great tournament  As the anglers turned in their entry forms and picked-up their boat numbers they readied their boats for the boat check.  With all compartments opened on each boat ribbons were tied on the trolling motors and the boats were ready for the water. Blast off was set for safe light and  boat number 28 was drawn by Zac Azevedo for the first boat to blast off.  With the boats in the water and at the dock, Kevin Cheek went over the Lake rules and Off Limits areas.  There was three flights scheduled for weigh-in starting at 3:00 p.m.  At 6:59 a.m. boat number 28  set off for a full day of fishing.  It only took eight minutes to get all fifty four boats out and running.  Kevin then returned to the parking lot to get everything ready for the awards in the afternoon. Lake McClure is one of the Lakes where we have to do sign-ups in the Marina parking lot, blast off and weigh-in at the dock and then back to the parking lot for awards.  All of this back and forth helps make for an interesting day.  A bite of breakfast, a lot of paperwork and only a couple of banners to hang up for the weather was too windy and the pop-up were moving everywhere.  When two o'clock came around we headed down to the dock to set up for the weigh-in. Down at the dock we needed to set out the bump tanks and fill them with water, set the banner skirt around the tanks, setup the weigh-in station and get the microphones ready to go.  A tub of bags were placed at the end of the dock for the anglers to use, the weigh slips were put in order and the computer was ready for the anglers to come in. The first flight of anglers are scheduled to come in at 3:00 p.m. and here they come.  The first bag of fish are weighted and placed back in the bag for the angler to release back into the lake.  Flight one was completed, then the second flight and then the third flight.  After all this the scales were called closed by Kevin Cheek at  3:43 p.m. and we headed back up to the parking lot to put the winnings in order for the awards. While the winnings are put in order and everything balanced, Kevin gives the Emerald Nuts to the staff to hand out and buy a little time before the awards.  Kevin takes the time to thank everybody for coming out to support the BBT and thanks the many sponsors that help us make the BBT what it is.  A big thank you to Dave Orange our weigh master, Jeff Short and Billy Rowles Jr, Duane Goudy and Mike Martinez, Brian Orange and Mario Ramirez our staff boats, Shawn Hilbert our staff helper and Chelby Cheek for all her help with the trailer and supplies.  Now it is time for the awards. First place went to the team of Kenny Shepherd and Ben Brooks.  Their five fish bag came in with a weight of 16.68 pounds.  In that bag was the first place big fish weighing in at 7.83 pounds.  With first place in the tournament and first place big fish these two anglers took home $2,460.00.  Kenny and Ben used weightless worms and swim bait for lures and fished the middle of the lake.  They would like to thank their sponsor Lunkerdaddy Fishing Lures.  The two of you should be proud for a job well done. With a weight of 11.65 pounds for five fish the team of Rich Ingram and Rob Gaither of Oakdale walked away with second place.  In their bag of five fish they brought in the second place big fish weighing in at 3.82 pounds.  Robbie and Rich fished the south end of the lake in fifty feet of water and used jigs for lures.  $1,420.00 is the amount that Robbie and Rich took home for second place in the tournament and second big fish.  Good job anglers. Claudio Silva of Riverbank and Juan Velazquez of Turlock took third place in the tournament with a five fish bag weighing 10.50 pounds.  In their bag of fish they also had the third place big fish weighing in at 3.44 pounds.  Claudio and Juan fished the main lake and used drop shots and Robo worms.  $885.00 was the total that these two anglers took home.  They would like to thank their wives for sponsoring their fishing habit.  These two anglers walked away very happy. The team of George Espino and Alex Salms took the 20/20 Eye Surrender Sunglasses home.  The Lenox Tool weigh was 8.09 pounds so the team of Mike Hamontree and Bronsa Collins took home tools with their weight of 8.06 pounds.  Rich Hale won a tackle bag and the team of Todd Iwamoto and Steve Gee took home a tackle bag also. Thank you Central Valley for a great tournament.  All in all there was  259 fish weighted in with a total combined weight of 430.01 pounds.   We can't wait to see all of you at your next tournament at Eastman Lake on March 9, 2013.  Be safe. Sponsor Tackle Store Receipts Program – If you purchase tackle valued at $20 OR MORE from our Sponsor Tackle Stores or go online to make purchases through the Optimum Baits and ima websites, you will receive a discount for being a member of the BBT. Keep your receipt and write your name and phone number on the back of it then place it in the bucket, which is at every tournament check-in. You will have opportunities to win prizes during the Awards Ceremony after each weigh-in. You MUST be present to win. At the close of the Awards Ceremony, all receipts drawn are placed back into the bucket for more chances to have them drawn at future events in addition at the TOC. If you are not present and your name is called, you forfeit your prize and it is donated to the TOC. If you happen to win money during a tournament and you leave before receiving it, you will have to meet up with your tournament director as winnings are not sent through the mail. Remember to support the sponsors who are supporting you in bass fishing whenever you can. A list of our sponsors is below and is also located on the Sponsors page of the Best Bass Tournaments website Thank you for coming out and supporting the Best Bass Tournaments. We appreciate each one of you. If every angler would ask one friend to join and fish the BBT, you will have additional anglers to compete against and have more opportunities to win larger paybacks. Let your friends know that they will also be eligible to win prizes in addition to saving money on fishing tackle when making purchases through our Sponsor Tackle Stores. Best Bass Tournaments would like to personally thank the sponsors who are supporting us and the anglers alike: Emerald Premium Snacks, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Lowrance, The Fishing Instructor, Yakima Baits, Technology Integrators, Hildebrandt, Poe’s Plugs, Timber Tiger, Ima, Optimum Baits, KLGD Graphics, Hooked on Adventures, Continental Tires, Irwin – Lenox and Helly Hansen, Eye Surrender Sunglasses, Out of Bounds Speed & Marine, AGS Apparel, Port of Subs, Oroville’s Best Value Inn & Suites, Clearlake Cottages, Applebee’s – Oroville, Central Valley Sportsmen’s Boat & RV Show. Best Bass Tournaments sponsor tackle stores: Mel Cotton’s Sporting Goods/ San Jose, Walton Pond/ San Leandro, Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff/ Dixon, Coyote Bait & Tackle/ Coyote, CA, Clearlake Bait & Tackle/ Clearlake, Clearlake Outdoors/ Lakeport, Tracy Oasis Marina/ Tracy, CA, C & C Marine/ Modesto and Sacramento, Jim’s Pro Tackle/ Paso Robles, Bait Barn/ Waterford If your company would like to be a sponsor of the Best Bass Tournaments, please contact Randy Pringle at or call 209-543-6260. We would like to thank all of our staff Ancilla Cheek(mom), Chelby Cheek, Dave and Brian Orange, Shawn Hilbert, Mario Ramirez, Duane Goudy, Mike Martinez, Rich Hale, Jim Henry, Bill Rowles Jr. and Jeff Short. You all are an asset to the BBT and our tournaments could not run efficiently without each and every one of you! Thank you for your participation and fishing Best Bass Tournaments. We look forward to seeing you again soon!       

Big Boat
PlaceAnglerAnglerTotal FishBig FishTotal WeightWinnings
1Kenny Shepherd Ben Brooks 57.8316.68$2,460.00
2Rich Ingram Robie Gaither 53.8211.65$1,420.00
3Claudio M Silva JrJuan C Velazquez 53.4410.50$885.00
4Tai T Nguyen Jay Corbett 52.5610.04$520.00
5Dave Nishimoto Jeremy G Gray 53.0310.03$465.00
6Scott Bern Craig Norman 52.529.96$190.00
7Bruce W Robertson JrAllen S Schneider 52.609.68$165.00
8Adam Belmont Stephen Magill 52.369.47$150.00
9Nathan Harbison Kenny Warnock 52.629.27$135.00
10Nick D Beck Jay W Graham 51.899.17$130.00
11Mike Pair Trevor Gray 52.579.03$115.00
12Steve Swarts John Horton 50.008.85$0.00
13Bobby Blaswich David Simpson 52.598.82$0.00
14Todd Iwamoto Steve Gee 52.758.80$55.00
15Bruce Able Mike Callahan 52.088.78$0.00
16Zac Azevedo Albert Azevedo 50.008.77$0.00
17Mike Martinez Duane C Goudy 52.488.60$0.00
18Adam C French Robert Wiggins 50.008.45$0.00
19Ed Armbrister Kevin McDonald 50.008.44$0.00
20George Espino Alex Salms 51.718.35$0.00
21Terry Odom Trent Greer 50.008.31$0.00
22Michael P Soriano Shane Soriano 50.008.22$0.00
23Mike Hamontree Bronson Collins 51.778.06$0.00
24Scott Parsons Doug Naruo 50.008.04$0.00
25Don Hendrix Roger Cummings 50.008.01$0.00
26Lee Miller James Miller 51.767.96$0.00
27Mario Ramirez Brian Orange 50.007.95$0.00
28Scott Taylor Jeff D Eddings 50.007.91$0.00
29Joey A Decosta Shawn Pauly 50.007.84$0.00
30Christopher Gosselaar Jered Brendel 51.827.83$0.00
31Catalino Alfonso Shane M Dangler 50.007.80$0.00
32Kyle Dekleva Daniel Sexton 50.007.79$0.00
33Dan Scott Eric Fletcher 50.007.74$0.00
34Brad Heintz Todd Prater 51.687.72$0.00
35Russell D Bradford Gary Coker 51.697.70$0.00
36Carey Edwards Jeremy Edwards 50.007.66$0.00
37Bill Rowles JrJeff Short 50.007.60$0.00
38Jeff Amstutz Sara Amstutz 50.007.49$0.00
39Rich A Hale Christian Ostrander 50.007.48$0.00
40Harry Markarian Joey A Verna Jr50.007.34$0.00
41Jim Littlejohn Rick Littlejohn 50.007.31$0.00
42Vincent P Melella Steven E Lane 50.007.27$0.00
43John Gallardo Mike Ploharz 50.007.23$0.00
44Jordon Brendel Drew Gosselaar 51.747.13$0.00
45Jeff Graham Ricky Wallace 50.007.10$0.00
46Cliffton Woods Tim Torres 50.006.99$0.00
47John Walker Tom W Richards 50.006.98$0.00
48Ray A Nilmeier Danny R Heintz 52.006.85$0.00
49Dave Romero Dave Romero Jr50.006.74$0.00
50Kyle R Lemings Cody Frangos 51.616.40$0.00
51Jace Degough Collin Degough 50.005.64$0.00
52Scott Skinner Don Varney 40.004.58$0.00
53Jon J Ramos  00.000.00$0.00

Small Boat
PlaceAnglerAnglerTotal FishBig FishTotal WeightWinnings
1Ryan D Banks Kenneth Chaves 11.011.01$0.00