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Coming Tournaments

Delta/Wine Region
August 20
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Northern Region
Clear Lake
July 30
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Three events left to make the T.O.C.

come on out.


July 23 Clear Lake

18 fish over 7 lb

29.84 wins the event

Congratulation 2016

Anglers of the year


SoCal TST Region

Dennis Taylor / Jay Poore

From the Central Region

wow it is a tie

Fang Xiong / Xang Vang


La Xiong / Shadowns Vangyi  

From the Mother Lode Region

Kevin Nunes & Andrew Stilley

From the Coastal Region

Chase Austin / Jeramie Dyer



Snag Proof Open

Now cash only at the event

A few days left

Come on out for some fun at the 

Snag Proof Open.


Juan Acosta & Mark Gomez

Win 2016 "Rat - L - Trap Open

Delta gives up two 10 lb + Bass

on April 23, 2016

Bigolpig =(Big-ol-pig) 

Ron Barksdale 10.71 lb


2016 Snag Proof Open Aug 6th &  7th /2015 Results 

Bassfest Open is back Sep 10th & 11th 




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