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  T.O.C. 2020

Oct. 10 & 11

Delta Russo's

Lot's of info to come




All events in one region counts

So Cal

Two events were available

so top 40% of the teams that fished two tournaments will go.

Is there $20,000 for 1st place - Unfortunately this year it is not possible. Sheri and I will look at how many events we can get in before the TOC on Oct 10 - 11 and we will do our best and be fair to all.

How do we make the TOC - Will!!  It looks like this. To be a traveler you must fish outside your region that you started with. For instance, you started with the Mother Lode and they have 5 events you must fish one more in any other region.  If you fished all the Coastal events that were available, you must fish one more. Simple! Now if you are fishing different regions right off the bat you must fish 6 events. (Why) one more then the region that had the most event, that's why it is called the traveler’s region.

How do you qualify through the regions. AOY is the points race of the full available region at the end of the year, no matter how many events are available. The 40% will be factored by how many your region events were available with one throw out. The 40% is as follows, if your region has three events, you must have fished with the same partner in two events to be part of the top 40% to be factored in, five events you must have fished four with the same partner, then you make it in.


2020 TOC Results
PlaceAnglerAngler Fish Day1Big Fish Day1Weight Day1Fish Day2Big Fish Day2Weight Day2Total WeightWinnings

TOC Results will display here when available