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The 2022

Tournament of Champions

October 8th - 9th

will be held at the

 Delta Russo's Marina

Call for reservations and berths.



 34A) T.O.C.: Qualification - Video Link - BBT will take the top 40% of the following teams who have fished a minimum of (4) four event and no more the (5) five will be counted in one REGION. If you fished the (6) Six events in that same region, a bonus of 5 points will be added to your score. Teams with the same partner fishing any 7 or more regional events in the BBT will automatically qualify for the TOC, you must fish more as a team then an individual. (Opens are not included). Teams qualifying for the TOC will be announced at the conclusion of the full BBT schedule of all regular season events for the year.

 34.B) Best Bass Tournaments 2022 TOC RULES and All BBT Rules Apply - Additional T.O.C. Rules.  1) This event starts on Monday, October 4th, at 12:01am, this means you are not to talk to anyone that is not in this TOC event throughout this week. 2) Off Limits are Monday, October 3rd and Tuesday 4th. You are NOT allowed to be on this body of water.  3) Official practice days start at safe light on Wednesday, October 5th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th, until Check in time, 2 PM to 4 PM. If you show up after 4 PM we will Not check you in. You will have to do this on Saturday morning at 5 AM.  4) Guides, family member(s) and/ or friends, cannot be in your boat or you in their boat during this week.  5)  All safety Rules apply on Tournament days AND during practice days.  6) First Place wins the $20,000.00 and forfeits all cash winnings including Option money and Big Fish money. Second place and down receives cash and options in accordance to their position placed.  


2022 TOC Results
PlaceAnglerAngler Fish Day1Big Fish Day1Weight Day1Fish Day2Big Fish Day2Weight Day2Total WeightWinnings

TOC Results will display here when available