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What is the Lunker Club?

The Lunker Club is proof that on your day of fishing one of the BBT events you brought to the scales a lunker, good o big'n, toad, pig, whatever you want to call your bass.  You caught it, we will show it off!

What Makes a Lunker Bass?
And how big does it have to be?

Largemouth = 7lb or bigger
Smallmouth - 5 lb or bigger
Spotted Bass - 5lb or bigger

2023 Lunker Club Leader


Don Pedro

Lunker Club
Lunker Club

Dayne Mendes


Don Pedro

Bring's in a Giant

a 12.87 lbs. May 14.

Event DateBody of WaterAnglerFish Weight
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Data pager
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8/19/2023Clear LakeJustin Cunningham8.79
8/19/2023Clear LakeEd Ortman7.52
8/19/2023Clear LakeDave Yates7.18
7/29/2023Clear LakeEdward A Zinda Jr8.36
7/29/2023Clear LakeDavid A Perkins7.94
7/29/2023Clear LakeDustin Tacker7.08
7/29/2023Clear LakeBrandon Ehresman7.04
7/9/2023DeltaAustin R Phillips10.05
7/9/2023DeltaJesse Ochoa7.03
7/1/2023DeltaTim W Rickett7.87
6/11/2023Don PedroCameron V Cardoza10.19
6/3/2023DeltaTony Vaughn7.33
5/13/2023Don PedroDayne Mendes12.87
5/6/2023Clear LakeAndrey Pereverzev7.43
4/8/2023Clear LakeMartin P Nicholls11.85
4/8/2023Clear LakeGreg B Bunting8.14
4/8/2023Clear LakeZach C Reil8.12
4/8/2023Clear LakeDustin D Keen8.01
4/8/2023Clear LakeEric Christmann7.68
4/8/2023Clear LakeChristian J Burns7.41