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Traveler is designed for anglers who do not have the opportunity to fish in one region because of work schedules, etc. Anglers now have the opportunity to fish as a Traveler. To qualifying as a Traveler, fish any seven tournaments of the BBT and automatically qualify for the TOC. You must fish with the same partner at all of these events to qualify.

RULE #34 of the Official Rules:

TRAVELERS: Any team fishing 7 events or more in the BBT with the same partner will automatically qualify for the TOC. There will NOT be any points given for a Travelers division. Therefore there will be no anglers of year in the Travelers division.

Below is a chart that shows a running total of what tournaments you have fished.  To verify that you have qualified for the TOC in the Travelers division you should have fished seven or more events.  The total number of events fished are shown in the far right hand column.