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Coming Tournaments

Coastal Region
Santa Margarita
July 16
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Delta/Wine Region
Clear Lake
July 23
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Northern Region
Clear Lake
July 30
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SoCal Region
July 9
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Rules and Questions Frequently asked

Snag Proof Open

is back

Aug 6th & 7th

Lets get your Frog on

All Pro and Am are welcome.

Two day team event


Do to low water Lake Lopez

6/4/2022 will be moved to

Santa Margarita 6/4/2022



The 2022

Tournament of Champions

will be held at the

 Delta Russo's Marina

Call for reservations and berths.




Winners Circle


Kevin & Brian Coughlin 

Win Clear Lake with 

23.65 lbs.


Bob Dettling & Austin Millang

Win on the Delta with 20.49 lbs.


Kevin Moore & Jamie Lima

Take the Win at the

Delta 23.17 Lbs.


Chris Arnold & Justin Grant

Win Pyramid with

14.87 lbs.


Brent Zieska & Jim La Rosa

Take Down the Delta with 25.47 lbs.


Tie for 1st Place!!!

Brandon Colombo & Graham Grove

Geno & Jason Lazzerini

Win Santa Margarita with 11.27 lbs.


2022 T.O.C.

Date Oct 8th - 9th

Lake - Delta Russo’s


You can be next $20,000

For 2022 T.O.C.

Take the 2021 T.O.C. at

Don Pedro with 22.44 lbs.

and $20,000




2022 OPENS

to come !


Snag Proof Open

Aug 6th & 7th

Pro Link

Am Link



Always support the sponsors

who are supporting you.