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Central Region
May 8
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Coastal Region
May 8
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Delta/Wine Region
Clear Lake
May 15
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Mother Lode Region
Don Pedro
May 15
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Northern Region
May 1
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SoCal Region
May 15
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Rules and Questions Frequently asked


Walter Kondracki & Javier Franco

Win Pyramid with 15.50 lbs


Chad & Graham Leon

take the win at McClure

14.89 lbs.


Casey Dunn & Clayton Eslick

BEAT the Delta Tide Back

with 35.06 lbs.


Chris Dal Porto & Jeffery Klinstiver

Win at Oroville with

BF 6.09 lb. & 16.76 lbs.


Shawn Koehler & John Wrona

Take first at Nacimiento

with 13.57 lbs.


Tristan Hale & Charles Welch

Win Don Pedro

with 14.19 lbs


2020 T.O.C.

132 Boats on the CA. Delta

Brandon Gee & Duke Kanaya

WIN $20,000 at the BBT - T.O.C.

with 18.92 lbs. & 14.53 lbs. total 33.45 lbs.

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2021 OPENS

Snag Proof Open Delta

Aug 7th - 8th


The Bass Fest Open Delta

Sep 11th - 12th


Rat - L - Trap Open Delta

Nov 13th


  2020 Opens      

Delta Blow Up Pro

Delta Blow Up AM





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