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Coastal Region - Santa Margarita - Apr 20, 2013

Tournament Director
Chris Gilkison
4225 Templeton
Bakersfield, CA 93312
(661) 703-7929
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 Well the Fourth tournament of the central coast region started first thing in the morning when we started sign ups.The word amongst the anglers was that the fish had moved up and there was a good chance of some heavy bags to appear at the scales. When sign ups were all said and done we had 31 boats ready to hit the lake and set the hook. By the time we got all of our equipment packed and arrived at the lake,the majority of the field was already in the water chomping at the bit to blast off. When the last boat hit the water we got underway and the field was off,now it was a waiting game until the weigh in. At he end of the day when it was time to start setting up, I started to arrange awards and al my equipment waiting for the first flight to arrive. While I was doingthis some people came up to me and said they had heard that there was a big fish that was caught by one of my anglers,this is when me as a director gets really excited. I might not have been the one to catch it but anticipation to weigh a possible monster fish is just as fulfilling as catching it.We got the weigh in started and sure enough we had some nice bags of fish definately a good day for a lot of teams.When the smoke cleared and the slips were tallied up the team of Jeremy Gearhart and Jason Martin took top honors with a weight of 28.25 and a monster 12.28 big fish,2nd place went to Jay Rich and Terry Rawles with 24.88,3rd place was Robert Merino with 20.24 and the second big fish of 10.78,4th place went to Dan Barrios and Charles Barrios with 19.86,5th place went to Ray Huff and Tim Caudle with 18.45,6th place went to Damon Meeks and Jay Short with 17.47.During the awards we did our prize drawings and the winners were Mike Foreman and Kenny McMurray took home the eye surrender 20/20 prize of two pairs of eye surrender sunglasses,next we had the Irwin Lennox tool drawing in which the target weight was 15.40 and closest to this and taking the prize was Matt Clausen and Troy Tidwell with 14.80finally we gave out one of our sponsors prize package the Batrums gift certificate and the lucky winner was Lee Johnson. Thank you to all of you that came out and supported the BBT and me as a director,I cant wait until the next tournament and I hope to see all of you and many more. I will see all of you at the next one,and remember to support our sponsors.Sponsor Tackle Store Receipts Program – If you purchase tackle valued at $20 OR MORE from our Sponsor Tackle Stores or go online to make purchases through the Optimum Baits and ima websites, you will receive a discount for being a member of the BBT. Keep your receipt and write your name and phone number on the back of it then place it in the bucket, which is at every tournament check-in. You will have opportunities to win prizes during the Awards Ceremony after each weigh-in. Remember you MUST be present to win. At the close of the Awards Ceremony, all receipts drawn are placed back into the bucket for more chances to have them drawn at future events in addition at the TOC. If you are not present and your name is called, you forfeit your prize and it is donated to the TOC. Remember to support the sponsors who are supporting you in bass fishing whenever you can. A list of our sponsors is below and is also located on the Sponsors page of the Best Bass Tournaments website  Thank you for coming out and supporting the Best Bass Tournaments. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new anglers who will be fishing the BBT this season! We appreciate each one of you. If every angler would ask one friend to join and fish the BBT, you will have additional anglers to compete against and have more opportunities to win larger paybacks. Let your friends know that they will also be eligible to win prizes in addition to saving money on fishing tackle when making purchases through our Sponsor Tackle Stores. Best Bass Tournaments would like to personally thank the sponsors who are supporting us and the anglers alike: Emerald Premium Snacks, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Lowrance, The Fishing Instructor, Yakima Baits, Technology Integrators, Hildebrandt, Poe’s Plugs, Timber Tiger, Ima, Optimum Baits, KLGD Graphics, Hooked on Adventures, Continental Tires, Irwin – Lenox and Helly Hansen, Eye Surrender Sunglasses, Out of Bounds Speed & Marine, AGS Apparel, Port of Subs, Oroville’s  Best Value Inn & Suites, Clearlake Cottages, Applebee’s – Oroville, Central Valley Sportsmen’s Boat & RV Show. Best Bass Tournaments sponsor tackle stores: Mel Cotton’s Sporting Goods/ San Jose, Walton Pond/ San Leandro, Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff/ Dixon, Coyote Bait & Tackle/ Coyote, CA, Clearlake Bait & Tackle/ Clearlake, Clearlake Outdoors/ Lakeport, Tracy Oasis Marina/ Tracy, CA, C & C Marine/ Modesto and Sacramento, Jim’s Pro Tackle/ Paso Robles, Bait Barn/ Waterford   If your company would like to be a sponsor of the Best Bass Tournaments, please contact Randy Pringle at or call 209-543-6260.

Big Boat
PlaceAnglerAnglerTotal FishBig FishTotal WeightWinnings
1Jeremy J Gearhart Jason D Martin 512.2828.25$1,175.00
2Jay Rich Terry D Rawles 56.2124.88$1,005.00
3Robert Merino  410.7820.24$700.00
4Dan Barrios Charlie Barrios 55.5919.86$420.00
5Ray Huff Tim Caudle 54.1918.45$260.00
6Damon Meeks Jay Short 54.9517.47$160.00
7Jason V Lazzerini Geno K Lazzerini 54.4617.30$0.00
8Austin Bonjour Graham Grove 55.7016.34$60.00
9Mark Snow Harlin L Gibson 54.6915.89$0.00
10Nicholas K Gregg Kyle E Gregg 54.5615.33$0.00
11Matt Clausen Troy Tidwell 54.5514.80$0.00
12Jason Ballew Ken Allerton 50.0014.01$0.00
13John M Beckett Darrin Armstrong 54.2113.82$0.00
14Danny Conatser Dan Dostal 54.8313.78$0.00
15Mitch P Wasley Mike G Wasley 50.0013.70$0.00
16Juan Acosta Mike Guherrez 55.4813.04$0.00
17Rudy G Rowlett Paul Gates 53.5312.68$0.00
18Martin R Zillig Erik M Zillig 54.7512.33$0.00
19Joe Alanis Ricardo Hernandez Sr50.0012.00$0.00
20Mike Higgins Andy Bowlin 44.5811.84$0.00
21Dustin Selck Phil Vanzee 50.0011.47$0.00
22Lee Johnson Jerrad Johnson 50.009.87$0.00
23Mike J Pierce John Shaw 53.309.68$0.00
24Mike Foreman Kenny McMurray 40.008.37$0.00
25Eddie Davidson Matt Messina 34.167.40$0.00
26Kevin Bloom Brandon A Kamplain 23.675.60$0.00
27Matt E Boyd Rodney R Kirby 20.003.16$0.00
28Clayton G Rogerson Ronald G Rogerson 00.000.00$0.00
28Matthew S Clark Johnny A Beasley Jr00.000.00$0.00

Small Boat
PlaceAnglerAnglerTotal FishBig FishTotal WeightWinnings
1Damian Bean Morgan Munger 54.5816.29$0.00
2Mike D Garza Elliott Dozier 30.005.57$0.00