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Coming Tournaments

Central Region
Don Pedro
July 18
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Coastal Region
August 29
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Delta/Wine Region
Clear Lake
July 25
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Mother Lode Region
Delta SJ
August 8
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Northern Region
July 18
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SoCal Region
August 15
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Rules and Questions Frequently asked


Oroville is a GO!!!

on July 18


T.O.C. New Up Date



Delta Blow up

team tournament


Top water only event

more info click the link

Aug 1-2


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Jason V & Geno K Lazzerini

Win Nacieminto

with 11.07 lbs.


Jared Dominici & Jason Coslovich

Take the Win at the Delta

June 27, with 22.34 lbs


Bryan & Greg Coy

Win McClure on June 21, with 11.84 lbs.


Trey & Shane Hawkins

Win McClure on June 20, with 12.56 lbs.




Mike Caddick and Mark McCord

WIN the 2019 T.O.C.

with 35.16 lbs.

   2020 Opens      

Delta Blow Up Pro Aug 1st - 2nd

Delta Blow Up AM Aug 1st - 2nd

The Bass Fest Sep 13th





     2019 Opens

 Snag Proof - Pro Results Link

 Snag Proof -Am Results Link

 The Bass Fest - Results Link

 Rat - L - Trap - Results Link



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