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2012 Central Region AOY Big Boat Division

Joe Alanis & Rick White Central Region AOY Joe Alanis and Rick White

Being Anglers of the Year does not mean that you were number one all year long, what it means is that you were able to stay more consistent throughout the year than the other teams. Joe and Rick are perfect examples of this. Joe Alanis is married and has no children.  He has been fishing since 1985 and enjoys club fishing and team fishing.  This was his first year fishing with Rick White as a partner.  Joe says that he enjoys tournament fishing because of the variety.  Each tournament is different.  You might start with top water bait at one lake but change to frog fishing at another.  The variety keeps him on the top of his game. Rick White has two daughters and a one year old grandson.  Lookout Joe, there might be a new partner in Ricks’ future.  Rich says he has been fishing all his life.  He did a lot of deep sea fishing and started doing tournament fishing in 1992.  Rick says that his strength is in frog fishing and soft plastic lizards.  He holds a Lake record at McClure with a 9.30 spotted bass.

Joe and Rick would like to take this time to thank their many sponsors,
Pro Worms, Hard Core Bass Fishing, Casa Corona, Wooly Baits, Greenway Auto Body and White’s Moving and Storage.

Kevin Cheek and all of the staff at the BBT Central Valley Region would like to say congratulations and we enjoyed having you fish with our Circuit.