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Date: 04/25/2017

Best BassTournaments
Sponsor Highlights

The BBT is proud to announce that we have formed a new partnership with
Make More Casts.  Land More Fish.
  • Make More Casts
    • Holds live bait, natural and artificial lures better
    • Re-rigging less means more time fishing
    • Improved bait retention means more presentations that trigger strikes
  • Land More Fish
    • Sticky sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets
    • Patented design is difficult for fish to throw
    • Improved hook set and landing ratios
Trapper Tackle
Trapper Tackle

The BBT is proud to announce that we have formed another new partnership with

Strike King has been at the forefront of the fishing industry for over 50 years and we look forward working with them.
New for 2017
New for 2017

We have added another partnership and are proud to announce that Canyon Coolers has come aboard this year as another sponsor for the BBT.

Canyon Coolers  is proud to be affiliated with BBT. Owned and operated in Flagstaff, AZ they have been making roto-mold coolers for 6 years. The owner, Jason Costello is a life long river runner and designed coolers that would stand up to the 14 and 21 day rafting trips down the Colorado River.
The Outfitter 35 quart was recently rated with better ice retention than Yeti with $100 lower retail, .
Major points of difference between Canyon Coolers and the others in this category.
- Our retail average is 30% less than Yeti. When many others (Grizzly, Orca and Pelican) average 5% to 10% less than Yeti.
- We have a unique clean squared design, so there is no wasted space when packing the cooler. The easy to use latches, handles and drain plugs are 100% recessed so the there is nothing protruding.
- Lifetime (bumper to bumper) Warranty versus Yeti's 5 year Warranty and RTIC 30 day warranty.
Canyon Coolers appeal to a new user in the category that would like a quality rot-mold cooler with a unique design, lifetime warranty at better price.
Keeping it cool with BBT!

Bear Proof

Canyon Coolers Warehouse

The BBT is proud to welcome Cal Coast Fishing to our family of sponsors.  Cal Coast is a leader in tackle and catch management.
Cal Coast fishing is happy to be involved with the Best Bass Tournament Trail.  Both Cal Coast and the BBT believe that fish care is so important to our sport.  We look forward to working with the BBT for the 2017 season. - Cal Coast Fishing
For you anglers

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Anglers Spotlight
Team: Martin Dehaveb and Enrique Cazares
Why the BBT?  We fish BBT because of the great schedule of tournaments in each Region. We also like the BBT because of how smooth the events are ran.
What's your guy's fovorite lake? Don Pedro, but we love the Delta.
What's your goal for 2017?  Our Goal is to just go out and have Fun on the water, but we are serious about winning the AOY, and qualify for the TOC. We also like winning some BBT CASH too.
Who would you like to thank? We would both like to Thank our Families for their support and our spouses for letting us spend many days on the water.
What about sponsors? Martin would like to thank Kistler Rods, River2Sea, BigOlPig, Pro Worms & Eye Surrender Eyewear.
Thank you guys for supporting the BBT.   Good luck the rest of the season.

The Lunker Club is proof that on your day of fishing one of the BBT events you brought to the scales a lunker, good o big'n, toad, pig, whatever you want to call your bass.  You caught it, we will show it off!
What Makes a Lunker Bass?
And how big does it have to be?

Largemouth = 7lb or bigger
Smallmouth - 5 lb or bigger
Spotted Bass - 5lb or bigger
To see all of the Lunker Fish visit here.

Always support the sponsors who are supporting you.
If you would like to become a Sponsor 
of the BBT just give Randy Pringle a Call 209-543-6260
Upcoming Tournaments
2017 Rat-L-Trap Open
Brought to you by Bill Lewis Outdoors
April 23rd on the California Delta
April 2017 Schedule
Apr. 8th
Castaic Lake
Mother Lode Region
Apr. 8th
New Melones

Northern Region
Apr. 15th

Central Region
Apr. 15th
Pine Flat

Delta/Wine Region
Apr. 22nd
California Delta

Coastal Region
Apr. 22nd
Lake Nacimiento

February was another month of wet and windy weather but all of our anglers were still up for whatever challenge was put in front of them. Our first stop of the month was at our Central Valley Region at Pine Flat. With over 42 teams hitting the lake, the anglers were struck with changing weather conditions making it a little difficult to zero in on the bite. Topping the field was the the husband and wife team of Ralph and Denise Encizo. Let's here how they did it.
2017 Pine Flat Champions
2017 Pine Flat Champions
We also awarded the team of Louis Scott Lops & Dan Cranston the Big Ol Pig award for their 4.55lb big fish of the tournament.
2017 Pine Flat Big Ol Pig

  Next stop was at Lake Don Dedro for our Mother Lode Region. We had 69 teams come out to the second tournament of the young season to brave the crazy weather conditions that the area has been going through. With high water and limited water visibility, all of our teams were put to the challenge. When it was all said and done, the team of Kevin Davidson and Bryan Cox had what it took with over 22 lbs to claim the victory. Let's hear how they did it.
2017 Mother Lode - Lake Don Pedro Champions
2017 Mother Lode - Lake Don Pedro Champions
Also we started seeing some big fish being brought to the scales. Our latest Lunker Club fish of the year was caught by Doug Naruo with his 7.94 lb beast.
Next was our Northern Region Opener at Lake Berryessa. We had another awesome field of 128 teams to start the season. This was also the first time that we have been there when the lake was at full pool, so it was a new experience for some of the anglers. Some of our teams had difficulties bringing in limits to the scales but at the end of the day the team of  Marvin Dixon and Lance Evans came out on top with 21.78 lbs to win the event and also take home the Big Ol Pig award . Let's see hear how they did it.
2017 Norther Region - Lake Berryessa Champions
2017 Northern Region - Lake Berryessa Champions

Our next stop for our SoCal TST region was back at Lake Pyramid. The weather played a factor again as our anglers competed for the top spot at the end of the day. When it was all said and done, the team of Chris Burrows & Mike Miller were crowned champions of the tournament. Let's hear how they did it.
2017 Lake Pyramid Champions
2017 Lake Pyramid Champions
We also crowned the Big Ol Pig award to the team of Gil Valadez & Donna Patino with there 4.10lb big fish of the tournamant. Let's here how Donna caught that fish.
2017 Lake Pyramid Big Ol Pig Award
2017 Lake Pyramid Big Ol Pig Award
Our last stop of the month was in our Coastal Region at Lake Nacimiento. 37 teams battled the conditions that were put in front of them to compete for the top spot of this months tournament. The anglers were shown a very tough bite as the lake conditions have also been going though some changes. After the scales closed and the weights were recorded, it was the team of James B. Keeney and Tom Ryan  that had enough weight of  9.11 lbs to clam the top spot. Let's here how they did it.
2017 Coastal Region - Lake Nacimiento Champions
2017 Coastal Region - Lake Nacimiento Champions

Also taking home the Big ol Pig Award for the tournament was the team of Justin Goodman & Teddy Engdahl with their 2.94lb bif fish of the tournament.
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