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2019 T.O.C.

Oct. 12 - 13


Off Limits Mon & Tue Oct 7th-8th

Prefish Days Wed, Th & Fri Oct 9th-11th

Check-in Oct Fri 11th starts at 2pm-4pm you must be off the water





2018 T.O.C.

Oct 13th - 14th


Joseph Durling & Anthony Crivelli

Win $20,000.00

Joseph Durling & Anthony Crivelli

Take the T.O.C Win on the CA Delta

with 20.23 lbs. on day one

and backed it up with

17.76 lbs on day 2.

Total 37.99 lbs.

with Durling catching the

Big Fish of the event

9.83 lbs.



Michael Lenchanko & Erick Benard Jr.

take 2nd with 36.28 lbs.



Joshua & Jerod Adams

take 3rd with 35.80 lbs.


From the staff of the BBT

Thank you anglers



2019 TOC Results
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