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BBT Updates


Fins, proud sponsor of the BBT is excited to announce this year that we will now be sponsoring the “Lunker Club”. 

Along with your substantial CASH prize from the BBT the Big Fish winner of the event, will also win a 150 yard spool of Fins braid and a Big Fish Hat and if either a Largemouth over 7#’s or a Spotted Bass or Smallmouth Bass over 5#’s will also win a 150 yard spool of Fins braid and a Lunker Club hat for their photo with their Big Fish or Lunker of the tournament. 

This prize will be for the contestant only with the biggest Bass of the tournament. Additionally the winner of the Lunker of the year will win a gift card for a 1000 yards of Fins Braid redeemable at Fishermans Warehouse, and a special Lunker of the year hat from Fins Braid and BBT.                

To qualify for the year end prize pack contestants must be wearing their Fins Braid hat in the “Lunker Photo”.                

All photos will be available to both the BBT and Fins Braid for future use in promotional and social media publications.                

1000 yard prize coupon for Fins only redeemable at a Fishermans Warehouse locations and is eligible for mixed styles of Fins braid.